WESD51 Weller Soldering Iron - Review


WESD51 Weller Soldering Iron - Review


The WESD51 Weller soldering iron has been developed for hand soldering in industrial manufacturing as well as for rework and repair of circuit boards.

The WESD51 Weller soldering iron is “one of a kind”. If you are looking for to buy soldering iron I strongly recommend this one. It is a real pleasure to work with WESD51 Weller soldering iron. Absolutely worth the money.

What is difference between Weller Soldering Iron WESD51 and Weller Soldering Iron WES51

The WESD51 Weller soldering iron is very similar to WES51 Weller soldering iron. The only difference is in digital readout - WESD51 have a digital readout and WES51 does not have a digital readout. Digital readout is a digital display which shows current temperature of iron’s tip during operation or set-up.

There is price difference of 40 dollars between these two models. Weller WESD51 is more expensive than Weller WES51 since it comes with digital readout.

What will you get when you buy Weller soldering iron WESD51

When you buy Weller soldering iron WESD51 you will receive:

- main power unit with 3-wire power cord

- detachable 50W soldering pencil (PES51)

- iron holder and tip-cleaning sponge

There is a power on/off switch, power-on LED, and temperature adjusting knob on the power unit. The soldering station has microprocessor control and digital display. The WESD51 Weller iron is the digital readout version of the popular analog WES51 soldering iron. The unit display shows a “Read” mode by default, which displays the current temperature of the tip. To switch into the “Set” mode, turn the temperature control knob slightly and the display will show the current “Set” temperature. In other words, while adjusting the temperature, the display shows your target temperature and then automatically switches to show the current tip temperature.

Tip temperature is adjustable in the range of 350 ºF to 850 ºF (177 ºC to 454 ºC), temperature accuracy is +/-10 °F (+/- 6° C). The display on Weller solder iron WESD51 can be switched between Degrees “F” and Degrees “C”- the factory default is ºF.

The WESD51 Weller soldering iron comes with a PES51 soldering pencil. The PES51 is a slim, comfortable pencil style soldering iron that features a Nichrome wound stainless steel element construction, a non-burning silicone rubber cord, and large selection of tips in various styles including tips for surface mount devices.

What kind of solder tips are used on soldering iron Weller WESD51

The iron uses ET series soldering tips, and changing the tips is quick and easy. The assortment of tips is very extensive - there are tips for heavy duty work to fine tips for SMD including conical, long conical, single flat, screwdriver and narrow screwdriver soldering tips.

Safety features of soldering iron Weller WESD51

The unit's grounded soldering iron tip, a digital readout, zero power switching and anti-static design allow the WESD51 soldering iron to meet high quality standards including CE mark. This Weller soldering iron will automatically shut off power to the tool and digital display after 99 minutes of inactivity.

What is price of soldering iron Weller WESD51

Price of soldering iron Weller WESD51 in the USA is in wide range from $ 130.00 to $ 190.00. Price of WESD51 on a few major online vendors of soldering irons in the USA is:

- Amazon.com - $132.17 with free shipping

- Digikey.com - $186.00 (plus shipping costs $8.00)

- Mouser.com - 186.00 (plus shipping costs $20.00)

- Newark.com - 186.00 (plus shipping costs $8.00)

Of course, vendors of soldering irons change price of soldering irons very often.

Free shipping of soldering iron Weller WESD51

The soldering iron Weller WESD51 comes with free shipping to any address in the USA if you buy it from Amazon.

Digikey, Mouser and Newark offer free shipping on orders over $ 200.00 to single address in the USA


I have had the WESD51 Weller soldering iron for 5 years now, and it works great. I have been using this soldering iron very often for soldering through-hole and surface-mount components including components in size 1206, 0805, 0603 and SOIC ICs. It is easy to set an accurate soldering temperature on this Weller soldering iron - this is very important when soldering temperature sensitive components. Finally, at the end of review of the soldering iron Weller WESD51, I give 5 out of 5 stars to this soldering iron.





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